Stephen Hart | Halifax Wanderers General Manager and Head Coach

I had not been in soccer camps for quite some time and I was offered the opportunity to be a part of the Soccer Is Everything with Sean Fleming and I must admit it was just a fantastic experience working with the young players. We worked in many instances with teams which was unique not just a group of individuals. But overall it was a fantastic camp, well organized and truly gave me so much pleasure in being involved. I can only recommend Soccer Is Everything to anyone that is thinking of attending an excellent soccer camp.

Robert Gale | Valour FC General Manager and Head Coach

I would recommend Soccer Is Everything and Sean Fleming to all Alberta players looking for a development camp in the summer and somewhere to test your game, improve, and go to the next level. I have worked them myself in the past, they’re very professional and organized, and along with the great staff like Sean who is working in the CPL and the carious other highly qualified and experienced Alberta coaches, you get to really push yourself and experience on the field and off the field habits, all the details of the sessions and the games, even the lunch breaks are broken down to the finest details to pass on the tips of the trade. Above all it’s enjoyable. It’s a ton of fun for coaches and players, I would recommend it for everyone looking to enjoy a soccer experience in Alberta this summer!

John MacPhail | Yukon Soccer Executive Director

The Yukon Soccer Association has hired numerous coaches to travel and assist with our player development.  Many coaches have come and collected their cheques showing no real interest Yukon soccer. This all changed when we hired Sean Fleming and his company Soccer Is Everything. Sean started to come to the Yukon in the late 1990’s and was instrumental in changing our programming. Soccer Is Everything brought with them a quality of coaching the Yukon had not seen and over the next many years helped reach a higher player and coach level of quality.

Sean and his company showed a genuine interest towards the administration, coaches and players of the Yukon Soccer Association that I believe still hold true and is hard to come by these days. Things have changed over the years but because of Sean and his company’s guidance a great foundation for the Yukon Soccer Association was built.

Tim & Melissa Willisko | Sherwood Park Phoenix 2003 Tier 1 Girls Coaches

As club coaches we were looking for supplemental training for our group from a team-focused perspective, and not just the individual skills viewpoint most alternative camps emphasize. Sean sat down with us prior to camp to discuss options and to generate a camp training plan based on our input and suggestions. Sean actively encouraged us as coaches to run session under his mentorship, which was invaluable to our own development. The feedback from our players was very positive and our team definitely benefited as demonstrated in their performance and development on the pitch.

Rob McCullough | Sherwood Park Phoenix 2001 Boys Coach

The quality and qualifications of the staff was second to none. What separates this camp, from any other that I am familiar with, is that it is a team development camp. Sean also provided the opportunity to mentor us as coaches during the sessions, if we wanted and that training was enormously valuable. We saw an improvement in results in league play immediately.

Kevin Kobi | Former Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association President

When I first met Sean to discuss the redesign of our community soccer program and the development of coaching guides to assist coaches it didn’t take me long to recognize that Sean gets it. Even through he has coached and had success at the highest levels, he understanding the grassroots of the game and the importance of having community based programs that allow kids to develop skill, gain self confidence and continue playing sport into their adult lives. Sean was a huge part of our program redesign and delivery that reached over 2500 young soccer players.